For use with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, you will need to know the values for <%= @http_proxy_host %> and <%= @http_proxy_port %>.

All Providers

Click on your user or account name in the upper right corner of your CycleCloud window, and select “Settings”. Double click on “DataMan” to open the configuration window. To allow proxy use, click the “Proxy Enabled” checkbox and enter the required information. Click “Save” to continue, or “Cancel” to exit the window.

Microsoft Azure

To connect to Azure from behind a proxy, you will need to modify your cycle_server/config/ file and add the following to the webServerJvmOptions property:

webServerJvmOptions= -Dhttp.proxyHost=<%= @http_proxy_host %> -Dhttp.proxyPort=<%= @http_proxy_port %>

Amazon AWS

CycleCloud uses boto to interact with AWS APIs. To configure boto to connect via proxy, connect a new text file at /opt/cycle_server/config/boto.cfg and add the following:

proxy = <%= @http_proxy_host %>
proxy_port = <%= @http_proxy_port %>
is_secure = False
https_validate_certificates = False```