Appendix A: Two-Cluster Job Workflow

The diagram below shows the SubmitOnce workflow when there are two Grid Engine clusters (one local, one remote):

Appendix B: Configuring Grid Engine Clusters with No Shared SubmitOnce Home Directory

Though not recommended, it is possible to configure SubmitOnce to use an $SO_HOME directory that is not shared within a given Grid Engine cluster. Using this approach, file transfer jobs are run on the head node instead of on execute nodes. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Create $SO_HOME on each head node, owned by the cycle_server user.

  2. Define a string complex on each submitter called “slot_type” and set the value to “master”. Follow the steps below to define this complex.

    1. Edit the list of complex attributes by running the command:

      qconf -mc
    2. Add a new line:

      slot_type           slot_type    RESTRING    ==    FORCED      NO         NONE     0
    3. Run the following command to open the submitter’s configuration:

      qconf -me
    4. Add or edit the existing “complex_values” entry to include the following:

      complex_values        slot_type=master
  3. Make sure that each head node has a number of slots equal to the desired concurrent file transfers you wish to allow.

  4. In the CycleServer web interface, go to “Admin > System Settings” in the top right-hand menu, double-click “SubmitOnce” and uncheck the “Shared and mounted cluster-wide” checkbox.