Attribute Description
States (Required) The list of states that the listener will listen to. These can be either Transferring, Completed, or Failed.
FunctionName (Optional) The name of the plugin function to invoke upon receiving the listener event. It defaults to handleTransferEvent.

The plugin function is provided with a record containing the details of the transfer event, such as FileName transferred, number of bytes transferred, number of files transferred, etc.

An example plugin configuration is as follows:

Implements = DataTransferStateListener
DataTransferStateListener := [States={"Transferring","Completed"}; FunctionName="handleTransferEvent"]

An example of the plugin that implements the handleTransferEvent method is as follows:

from application import logger

def handleTransferEvent(record):"Triggerring transfer event handler for %s" % record.getAsString("FileName"))

An example of the record that is sent to plugin method as an argument is as follows:

[ Bytes=1024.0; FileCount=1.0; FileName="dir1/file1001.txt"; State="Transferring" ]