This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to get you started developing for CycleServer.


CycleServer: The platform on which CycleCloud runs. It provides APIs which can be used to add everything from simple user interfaces and data queries to complete applications.

CycleCloud: Cycle Computing’s application for managing cloud resources. Data is stored as records in CycleCloud, and can be managed using a RESTful API.

Plugin: A plugin is a unit of code, along with a set of resources (files) that can be used by the code. Each plugin is identified by a single dot-separated name (lower-case with optional underscores by convention).

Component: A component is a set of plugins loaded as a unit. Each plugin is contained in exactly one component. By convention, component names are short (i.e. ‘sysmon’), and plugin names are prefixed with their component name.

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