Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances can be set up using the synchronization method described earlier in this guide, but that requires the ongoing expense of running a second instance. Instead, you can take regular snapshots of the elastic block store (EBS) volume containing the /opt/cycle_server directory. To use this method, you will first want to create a DR instance with a fixed-address elastic network interface (ENI). Contact to get a license key for this instance.

When failing over to your DR instance:

  1. Create a new EBS volume from the most recent snapshot
  2. Attach the EBS volume to your instance and mount it to /opt/cycle_server
  3. Write the license key for your DR instance to /opt/cycle_server/license.dat
  4. Start CycleCloud with /opt/cycle_server/cycle_server start


The ideal DR setup will have instances in different regions, or at least in different availability zones for maximum resilience to outages. However, environment-specific requirements (e.g. VPN connections) may preclude this.