My Profile

My Profile displays your username, full name, and email address. Click Edit Profile to change your name or email address. Your username cannot be modified.

Click on Change Password to update your CycleCloud password. Enter your current password, then select a new password. All passwords must be between 8 and 123 characters long, and meet at least 3 of the following 4 conditions:

  • Contain at least one upper case letter
  • Contain at least one lower case letter
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one special character: @ # $ % ^ & * – _ ! + = [ ] { } | : ‘ , . ? ` ~ ” ( ) ;

Click Save to update your password.

Event Log

The Event Log will show information about CycleCloud events in greater detail. Use the dropdown menu to select the Event Type, Priority, and Time Frame. You can sort each column in ascending or descending order, or search for a specific keyword.

Click to select any line within the event log to view the event in the Event Detail pane. To view even greater event detail, select a line and click Show Detail:

Export Data

Click the disk icon in either the Event Log or in the Event Detail pane to export the data with the selected parameters. Choose a format, then check or uncheck Selected Rows Only based on your needs. Preview will display the export data in a window, or Download the data in the selected format.

Customize Event Detail View

Currently, there is only one option for viewing Event Details, which shows select attributes by default. However, you can create a custom view for event details by clicking on View: Details, Customize, and Create Copy:

This will create a copy of the default view, which you can then edit and save. Give your view a name, then use the + or – change the attributes shown. There are many additional attributes that can be displayed in the Event Detail pane. When you are done editing the attributes for your custom view, click Create to save or Cancel to discard.

In the Event Details pane, use the View dropdown to select which view you wish to see.


Custom views are saved to the user account and are not visible to others.

Log Out

Click Log Out to log out of your CycleCloud account.