Usage Alerts

CycleCloud allows you to set an alert per cluster that will display your usage and notify you if that usage exceeds a specified dollar amount.

To display your cluster usage, click on Create New Alert within the cluster to open the alert window. Enable the alert via the checkbox if you wish to track the spend for this particular cluster. Set a budget for the cluster, and use the dropdown to select whether the set budget is for the day or the month. Click Save to activate the alert. On the cluster page, you will see the current spend for the day or the month (depending on your selection).


Usage Alerts are informational only. Going over your budget will not stop or pause the instance. The spend amount per cluster is cumulative per time period selected.

Current spend within budget:

Current spend with overage:


If you wish to receive email or Slack notifications when your cluster exceeds the budget, enter one of the following:

  • User Name: Emails the address associated with the user account.
  • Email Address: Enter an email address for the alert.
  • Slack: If you are using Slack, you can set up a webhook to have notifications sent to a specific channel.

Add the alert recipient’s information and click Save. To add additional recipients, click the +, or to delete.

Notifications are sent out once per day.

To edit the alert, budget, or notification settings, click Manage from the alert line on the cluster page.


CycleCloud collects pricing for instances running in all cloud providers. The data is updated constantly throughout the day to provide accurate estimates.

Each provider has its own pricing rules.

Microsoft Azure


  • Base price of VMs, including preview-only machine types, at standard “pay-as-you-go” rates
  • Linux/Windows surcharges

Does NOT Include:

  • Boot disks
  • Attached disks

Amazon Web Services


  • The base price of both on-demand and spot instances, including dedicated tenancy
  • Linux/Windows surcharges

Does NOT Include:

  • Volumes
  • Reserved Instance (RI) discounts
  • Preview-only machine types


The price of each spot instance reflects the market at each billing hour for that instance (that is, it takes into account the fact that spot prices vary over time).

Google Cloud


  • Base price of the VM
  • Any local SSDs
  • Attached persistent disks
  • Linux/Windows surcharges

Does NOT Include:

  • Non-attached persistent disks
  • Sustained-usage discounts
  • Preview-only machine types


All usage and cost numbers are approximations.